Vinalib FAQ

Last updated: February 2019

Will I own the copyright of the image if I buy the License?

No. A License is only an authorization for the use of the image in your projects. It is Non-transferable (only the buyer is authorized to use the license. You can't have someone else use your license to make their projects). Vinalib retains all Copyright to all images.

What does Royalty-Free means?

Royalty-Free (RF) means you can use the picture as many times as you want without any fee based on the number of uses or diffusions.

How many times can I use an image I bought?

Depending on the type of license you bought, you can use it only once, or as many times as you want, as long as it is you, the licensee, who is using it. "Web License" and "Web + Print" Licenses allows you to use the image for one book, and promotional items related to the same book only.

What happens if I failed to receive the image in my email?

A: Simply contact us via our "Contact" on the website, and we'll take care of it. The chances of digital transmission failure is extremely low, but if it does happen, you may be assured that you can contact us anytime. 

My download links have expired and I can't access my photos. What do I need to do?

If you missed your download deadline, or if you had a complete computer crash, simply shoot us an email and we'll re-send all your download links to you again! Remember: Your download links expire, but your purchases do not. The only exception is, if any of the photos you bought have been retired and removed from the database. Retired photos are not retrievable. 

Why is there a faint print/blemish on the images?

That is called a 'Watermark.' This is embedded in the gallery images to prevent piracy. When you buy the license, you will receive a Watermark-free image in your inbox.

Do you offer a Comp (Composite) License?

Yes, we offer a test licence (composite).

Can I use Vinalib Pictures on an adult Website?

It is unlikely you need a picture about Vietnam for your adult website, but as a kind reminder, our photos and licenses may not be used for, and by individuals/businesses/websites/magazines or publications/film or video production engaged in pornography, sex trade, illegal activities, and similar industries.